We at Clockwork Coffee understand that a cup of coffee isn't just something you drink as fuel for your day. It’s an experience; something you look forward to, something that you hold so closely to your heart that you set time aside everyday for it, sometimes even a few times a day.

Our Story

Founded back in 2016 this Specialty Coffee Roaster born out of the Goulburn Valley also known as the Fruit Bowl of Victoria has had the pleasure of showcasing exceptionally fine coffee to the region for quite a few years now.

The region was lacking high quality coffee so we decided to become the only Goulburn Valley Coffee Roasters who roasted specialty grade green beans

Our mission is to bring joy to those who love drinking their coffee and producing their coffee. We do this through being involved in the whole coffee chain; like trips to Nepal and PNG where coffee is grown and processed, buying the green beans direct from origin, roasting the coffee ourselves and brewing the coffee ourselves whilst teaching others how to enjoy the fruits of the coffee farmers labour.