We at Clockwork Coffee understand that a cup of coffee isn't just something you drink as fuel for your day. It’s an experience; something you look forward to, something that you hold so closely to your heart that you set time aside everyday for it, sometimes even a few times a day.


We want to help you decide what coffee is going to perfectly suit you and your conditions. Use our extremely user friendly coffee finder to help you begin to find what is best for you!

Coffee is an experience here at

Clockwork Coffee.

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02What We Provide

We have a number of services that are suitable for your coffee journey. Whether it is one-on-one barista training, wholesale coffee supply and or machine servicing, we have it covered.

03Our Coffee Beans

Our coffee beans are roasted in the GV using advanced coffee roasting practices. If you’re unsure of what beans will suit you, be sure to try our helpful “My Coffee” section that helps determine which of our coffee’s is best for you!

Making coffee for the coffee lovers

Our Coffee Beans.

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